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Lovely Linens & Balloons – Get to Know Your Options

Picking out table linens might be low on your list of party planning to-dos. But maybe they shouldn’t be. Linens are often overlooked, but they can be a beautiful addition to your event day, customizing your guests’ experience and carrying your color palette and theme.

Linens are a pillar of every wedding. Tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, and more all have the power to completely transform your reception space and elevate the mood of your day. For a rustic outdoor reception, light cotton tablecloths draw natural beauty. For a glamorous, black-tie event, velvet accents capture the essence of the day.

When choosing party linens, you’ll need to think about the table coverings for the guest tables, your head table or sweetheart table, and other surfaces like the gift and dessert tables. You’ll need to think about colors, materials, and how the linens fit into your overall party theme.

Choosing special event linens

Before you make your linen selections, there are a few things you’ll need to know. It’s a good idea to determine your guest count so that you know how many tables you need at the reception. You’ll also need to know what size and shape tables work best in the space.

Your color palette and wedding theme are key to finding the right linen options for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to think beyond the standard white tablecloths and napkins. Table linens can build on your color scheme and make your day memorable.

You can have fun with linens, too! Adding layers of different materials or colors, like a lace runner down the center of your head table will give your party decor additional texture and depth.

The right table linens will complement other table decor and enhance the look of your wedding. Think about what kinds of flowers and other decor you’re planning to use and select linens that complement them. Colorful flowers will pop on white tablecloths, but adding a colorful element under white dishes can be a fun surprise for guests.

Popular party linens and materials

The material that you choose for your wedding linens enhances the look and feel of your big day. From napkins to tablecloths, there are many popular fabrics to familiarize yourself with as you make your wedding linen selections.

Satin is a very popular, classic material for wedding linens. Made from silk, satin is smooth and has a gentle sheen. It comes in a huge variety of colors to compliment your day. Satin linens give your event a polished, elegant look that isn’t fussy.

Cotton is a versatile fabric for more relaxed, casual affairs. It’s soft and light, making it a dreamy addition to many weddings. Popular for informal or outdoor events, cotton linens give your wedding a more laid-back vibe.

Polyester is an affordable fabric that looks great in almost any venue. It has a thicker feel for more elegant events, and some styles have a natural fiber feel to enhance the textural elements of your decor.

Linen is a natural fabric with a distinct texture. It’s often a more formal alternative to cotton, while still giving your event a relaxed feeling. Linen is a soft material that lends itself to rustic or outdoor weddings and receptions.

Velvet linens are the definition of rich and luxurious style. For a glamorous, opulent baby shower, velvet linen accents — like the cake table accent — have a smooth feel and elegant look.

Sequined fabric adds sparkle and shine to your birthday linen selection. For a glam event, sequin tablecloths or runners on the food station and dessert tables can be a fun way to dress up the tables and enhance your theme.

Lace is a wedding classic when it comes to linens. Lace can be rustic or elegant, casual or polished. Overlaying lace on your tables will add texture and interest to your decor, and can give your wedding an ethereal mood.

With your special event linens, you have many options to customize and upgrade your theme. The team at Posh Pretty Balloons can help you find the right linens for your celebration. Together, we’ll refine your style and pair linen materials and colors to give your guests an immersive, memorable experience. Submit your inquiry here to get started.

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