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Heart Shaped Balloons

Our Story

A family owned small business, we believe in the strength of family and the bonds of friendships that feel like family, the power of community, working together, lending a hand to our neighbors, rolling up our sleeves and digging in to get a job done. We believe that old fashioned parties at home never go out of style. 

Before the pandemic our primary service was wedding floral design. However, the quarantine forced the sudden cancellation of all weddings and events.

In true MacGyver fashion we looked at the resources available to us and made the best of things. Shifting our focus to balloons was healing for our souls.  It allowed us to deliver joy to families in our community and to remember joyous moments at our own family gatherings with family members that we lost to COVID.

Traveling around the town, meeting families, hearing their stories and the why for their gatherings spoke to our hearts, gave us renewed purpose and immense satisfaction.  We watched so many people return to family traditions and reinvest in taking joy in simple things. As things begin to open up, we’d share chuckles as fathers, uncles and brothers debated over who was the true Grill Master or a mom-to-be reconfirmed that grandma was bringing her delicious cannoli to the baby shower at the family church or stand in the background as high school seniors danced with glee at their tailored down yet still joyful, Senior Prom. We could see their genuine appreciation for each other in every greeting and embrace.


You can’t put a price on these connections and each glimpse solidified our decision to reshape our business to focus on delivering sparks of joy to local families, civic and social organizations, businesses, and schools.

We’d love to be a part of your why.


To get your party started click:  Order Balloons.

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